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Carmen Villalobos Day After Her Wedding

Carmen Villalobos Day After Her Wedding
Carmen Villalobos Day After Her Wedding

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Video: Matrimonio de carmen Villalobos 2023, February

If we thought the wedding of the year was over, we were so wrong! After throwing the house out the window in a dream ceremony, Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo have surprised us with another party with the guests. Food, drink, sensual dances and much more was what happened just the day after the spectacular party they had in Cartagena de Indias.

At this wedding, Part 2, the attendees put on the ball gowns, made themselves comfortable, and gave absolutely everything once again. On the front page we saw the actress and great friend Fernanda Castillo unleashed who left her feet, skin and heart on the track with another guest.

But it was not the only one. Despite not having slept all night, the energy of those present passes through the screen. The bride and groom themselves once again wasted power and the desire to have a good time on this second day of celebration where Carmen looked beautiful in this two-piece flowery Caribbean outfit.

The post-wedding party was a display of fun and laughter judging by the images of its protagonists. The desire to have a good time and make this weekend an unforgettable one was fulfilled to the letter. This Sunday the guests left for their destinations with the best taste in their mouths, the love of the newlyweds and several parties in style that will undoubtedly remain forever in everyone's hearts.

One more Sunday dedicated to resting and thanking everyone through their networks for having accompanied them on this beautiful day that, although it seemed like a dream, was a beautiful reality. Congratulations again, couple!

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