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Loreja Rojas Daughter Adopted Birthday

Loreja Rojas Daughter Adopted Birthday
Loreja Rojas Daughter Adopted Birthday

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When almost five years have passed since Lorena Rojas left, her daughter Luciana celebrates life. It is already six springs for the little girl who filled with love and illusion the last moments of the remembered actress. Her dream of becoming a mother came true with her princess who just celebrated a beautiful family birthday party.

The person in charge of making her laugh, happy, play and live full of happiness is Mayra Rojas, the sister of the famous actress who left us in 2015 due to cancer. Her promise to take care and make the little girl happy has been fulfilled. This photo she posted a few days ago on her Instagram profile is the best evidence of all.

"In front of your long-awaited cake, thinking about the moment the eternal mornings are over to be able to blow out those candles that you like so much," begins the precious dedication of her now mother.

Luciana was two years old when her mother passed away and she was left in charge of her aunt, who finally legally adopted her. They were not easy moments but time puts everything in its place and together they have formed a wonderful team as the actress also shows us from time to time on their networks.

"Your grandparents, your uncle, your brothers, Elvirita, Peka, Bavo, your guardian angel and this woman who is your eternal company, the only thing we can do is to thank the fortune of being able to see you grow. Congratulations my love!”Mayra wrote in a touching message.


Her sister left in February 2015 after almost nine years of brave fight against cancer. She left them a great sorrow, but also a great joy under the name of Luciana, the light of their lives. We join that small congratulation, that you fulfill many more!

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