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Cell Phone - Mistakes That Ruin Your Phone

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Cell Phone - Mistakes That Ruin Your Phone
Cell Phone - Mistakes That Ruin Your Phone

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Video: 15 Mistakes That Shorten the Life of Your Phone 2023, January

As technology advances, cell phones become much more sophisticated and durable, but they do not cease to be delicate.

Although we have been using the same cell phone for years or change each year with the new models that come onto the market, it is very important to observe certain habits that could otherwise become errors that 'kill' your cell phone. Which of them would you be committing?

1 Do not use a protective cover or case

We already know what can happen if the cell falls out of your hands or ends up in the bottom of the toilet. But now there are covers so resistant that they are even waterproof, prevent the cell from slipping from your hands, protect your eyes from UV light and other tricks that definitely make them valuable.

2 Never turn off the phone

According to the TechRepublic site, cell phones are NOT like a computer that can be left on for days. A phone must be switched off from time to time to optimize its battery life. Thus the cache is cleared and the navigation and search system remains agile and fast. The ideal is to turn off the cell once a week to make sure that the phone's RAM memory lasts a long time and to make sure that the machine can carry out its self-maintenance tasks.

2 Exposing your phone to extreme temperatures

. Who hasn't happened? You take the cell to your vacation and let the rays of the beach sun or the icy snow and ice cover your cell, all for taking the selfie or the perfect landscape. However, a phone that reaches 113 degrees Fahrenheit can be irreversibly damaged, just as a temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit can break it down.

3 Putting your cell

phone in your pants pocket Putting your cell phone in your jeans pocket is easy, but incredibly it is one of the most common causes of a phone damage. Many have sat on it and others, carrying it in the front pocket, folding their legs to sit, have expelled it from the pants, throwing it on the ground. In addition there are batteries that overheat and can explode. I mean, it's not a good idea.

5 Ignore suspicious software or programs

Many people think that viruses only attack desktop computers or PCs, but that is not the case. Cell phones, like good computers, also suffer cyber attacks, many of them through the network and mass-use apps, such as WhatsApp or even text messages. The solution? Be wary of suspicious messages, calls from numbers you don't know, and never download apps that are of dubious reputation or click on social media messages from people who are not your "friend".

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