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Michelle Vieth Divorce And Child Custody Process

Michelle Vieth Divorce And Child Custody Process
Michelle Vieth Divorce And Child Custody Process

Video: Michelle Vieth Divorce And Child Custody Process

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Video: #divorce तलाक़ में बच्चों की कस्टडी का क़ानून After Divorce child custody law in India 2023, January

Although she always gives us the best of her smiles, the truth is that behind that happy grimace there is great pain in Michelle Vieth's life. Little friend to talk about her personal life, the truth is that the actress is separating from her already ex, the bullfighter Christian Aparicio.

A process from which he has not given many details but from whose words emerges the complicated moment he is going through. "Yes it is exhausting and draining because it is the situation that many women go through, sometimes you do well, sometimes you do badly, sometimes you regulate," she told the media during her attendance at an event.

It seems to her that it did not go as well as she would have liked. Her process is taking longer than she would have expected and keeps her going to court to find the solution. "It is still in court, in process and the day it ends I will be the happiest and I will shout it to the four winds," she said of this relationship that in recent months has been clouded by rumors of infidelity on both sides.

Although she always tries to be smiling, the reality is worrying. After a separation where there are children involved, in her case two, the situation is even more difficult. And it is precisely at that moment that it is found. If there is something that is clear to you and what you are not willing to give up, it is the parental authority of your little ones.

She wants to lead by example and lead this hard stage with dignity so that her son and daughter, as a result of their relationship with the bullfighter, do not feel affected. "The constitution is very clear and it talks about the children under 14 years old, and my four children are under 14 years old, they must stay with the mother," he explained, so he doesn't have much more to discuss about it, with that not it's played.

"Something contrary to that would be not following the constitution," said the actress who looks prettier and fitter than ever. Good luck in this transition period.

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