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Ana María Polo Goodbye To The Closed Case Of Telemundo

Ana María Polo Goodbye To The Closed Case Of Telemundo
Ana María Polo Goodbye To The Closed Case Of Telemundo

Video: Ana María Polo Goodbye To The Closed Case Of Telemundo

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He has accompanied us for almost two decades with his Caso Cerrado program on Telemundo. Perhaps that is why we feel so close and almost almost one more member of the family. But Ana María Polo believes that the time to close that stage has come to make way for another that will surely be just as wonderful.

"This is my last year on television"; The 60-year-old lawyer said in an interview with the agency The Associated Press. “I want to do things that amuse me, that stimulate me, that take me out of the routine a little and that give me an opportunity so that I can be creative in other aspects as well.

And it is here where the cinema enters the scene. Dr. Polo has a juicy project in hand: a movie related to the famous television space. She will be the protagonist, for which she is taking acting classes, and she has already announced that she would love to have Humberto Zurita and the American Sandra Bullock as classmates.


Illusion and dedication are two characteristics of this brave and armed woman who took a turn on television taking real-life cases with which anyone can feel identified. He gave it all but now he needs a break. "They are many episodes and require a lot of energy and dedication," she added sincerely.

Proud of how far the show has come and deeply grateful, she goes out the front door and with the love and respect of her audience and peers. At the moment the recordings continue until the end of the year and, in addition, we can continue to enjoy it on their YouTube channel with their section La Doctora Polo Responde.

The decision is made. "I do not want to continue making open television, I already want to end this commitment that I have left and do other things," concluded the Cuban-born driver. Wherever Ana María goes, we will be there, because she has more than won our hearts. Her intention is to give us this film that is scheduled to be released in late 2020 or early 2021. We are looking forward to it!

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