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Mother Reunited With Daughter Who She Thought Had Died At Birth

Mother Reunited With Daughter Who She Thought Had Died At Birth
Mother Reunited With Daughter Who She Thought Had Died At Birth

Video: Mother Reunited With Daughter Who She Thought Had Died At Birth

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Video: Mother Reunites With Her Daughter After 42 Years Of Searching for Her | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN 2023, February

For almost 30 years, Tina Bejarano thought that her daughter Kristin had died minutes after birth. However, the mother took the surprise of her life upon learning that Kristin was alive and being able to meet her again. When she was 17, Bejarano, who hails from Los Banos, California, gave birth to a baby girl. However one day after the baby was born, Tina's mother told her that her daughter had died. “The next day she comes to tell me: 'The baby died 15 minutes after birth. I was sick, '”Tina told KMPH about her mother, who lied to her. In reality the baby did not die and her grandmother gave her up for adoption without Tina knowing.

For the next 29 years, Tina and her husband Eric Gardere would celebrate Kristin's birthday, nostalgically remembering the baby they thought was dead. "It was a difficult time for me every year," confessed the mother. "I was depressed, I cried all the time."

Tina met her current husband shortly after her baby Kristin died, the result of a previous relationship, and today she has 5 children with Gardere. When one of her youngest daughters asked Tina to have a DNA test done in 2017 to find out more about her ancestors, the mother agreed and this led her to unexpectedly reunite with her first-born. Soon after, Tina received an email from someone who lived on the other side of the country, in New Jersey.

"I think we should talk, he says that we are family and that you are my mom," the person who would turn out to be Kristin, the daughter Tina considered dead, told him in the email. It was there that Tina learned that her mother had given the girl up for adoption without consulting her. Kristin told her mother that she had grown up in Las Vegas and that she was transgender, that she was in the process of transitioning to being a man. He also told her that he now has a wife and son, making Tina a grandmother.

"I don't care," Tina assured the television station. "I don't care if he's in transition or not. This is my son. We're just glad he's alive. " His son will travel to California in November to meet Tina in person for the first time. "Seeing him makes me want to cry," confessed excitedly the mother, who is happy with the reunion.

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