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Tamara Mellon Boots With Different Leg Widths

Tamara Mellon Boots With Different Leg Widths
Tamara Mellon Boots With Different Leg Widths

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Video: Tamara Mellon Icon Boot Review!!!! 2023, January

We are now in the boot season and it is certainly time to make room in the closet to accommodate cold clothes and also boots that take up a lot of space. We know that it is important to find boots that keep us warm and above all that are comfortable. But we have to admit that girls with slightly thicker or more toned calves often find it difficult to find boots that are closed to the knee or mid-calf. And it is that most brands do not make models with that wider part and they do not add any elastic fabric that allows more space and that the closure can reach the top. But thanks to designer Tamara Mellon, that problem will be a thing of the past.

It turns out that the brand is launching a collection of boots that are available in three sizes, but not the size of the feet, but the size of the legs. And it turns out that after reading the orders of its customers, the company realized that there were many of them who could not buy their products because they did not serve them.

That is where the entire team set out to create boots for all women and all leg thicknesses. Of course, it was not as easy as they thought. First they started by measuring the calves of their employees, but since that did not seem enough, they also invited some of their clients to also measure their legs and in the process know a little about their needs.

"We collect a lot of information from a large group of women," Jill Layfiend, co-founder and CEO of the company, explained in an interview with Yahoo.


The brand is launching its new system with one of its most classic designs, a pair of black pointed-toe boots below the knee and with a medium heel. You can find this model in all foot sizes and also in the three different leg sizes.

So if you've always had this problem choosing boots and finding the ones that don't fit you, you know where you can find your new pair. The design costs

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