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Horacio Pancheri Without Clothes

Horacio Pancheri Without Clothes
Horacio Pancheri Without Clothes

Video: Horacio Pancheri Without Clothes

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Video: Horacio Pancheri se sonroja al escuchar piropos | +Noche 2023, January

Horacio Pancheri's big eyes have hypnotized more than one and his irresistible gaucho accent has only accentuated his sex appeal when appearing on television.

And his body? Well, his body is not talked about as much, but it is certainly spectacular. This has been made very clear by the one born in Esquel, Argentina by posing as God brought them to the world in his networks.

"Body: A set of the parts that make up a living being", exclaimed Pancheri in his post that has become a kind of anatomy class -in the best of senses- and that shows his naked torso to the point where his back loses its name.

The snapshot is signed by photographer Martin Traynor and is probably part of an advertising campaign as the creator specializes in making sophisticated fashion images.

While Pancheri brightens our eyes with his sensual image, the actor continues with his multiple projects, including his foray into viticulture and his burning romance with his colleague, Mexican actress Marimar Vega.

Recently the young relationship passed one of its first tests before the emergence of a sex video of Pancheri. "They are things that happen," the histrion warned in September. "Someone leaked the information. It happens to all of us, it can happen to us. I don't justify myself.”

For her part, the daughter of the disappeared Gonzalo Vega exclaimed: “These things make me laugh, they are not serious, and what was not in my year does not hurt me. They are gossip that is not mine, so do not put me in gossip that is not mine, they are his.

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