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Salma Hayek Photo Nets Without Clothes

Salma Hayek Photo Nets Without Clothes
Salma Hayek Photo Nets Without Clothes

Video: Salma Hayek Photo Nets Without Clothes

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Video: Salma Hayek flaunts Great Cleavage in Bavarian Dress 2023, February

At 53 years old, Salma Hayek looks stunning. This was demonstrated by the actress after releasing a sexy image where she is completely naked; This photograph was to celebrate that there are already 12 million followers that she has on her Instagram account. In it, she is seen lying without clothes in an acupuncture session; therefore, it has various needles along the back and one on the left arm.

"Thank you all for your love and support. Braaavoooo !!! We have already reached 12 million!”Wrote Hayek on this social network to accompany the image. "A health and wellness needle representing each of the millions."

Salma Hayek, looks
Salma Hayek, looks

Of course, netizens' comments were immediate and they immediately launched into the film's protagonist Beatriz at dinner a series of compliments on this sensual and daring snapshot.

“Beautiful Salma Hayek and more for being Mexican; blessings and many more successes”, mentioned one user.

"Hurrah! Salma thanks for posting about acupuncture. It is a wonderful and healing medicine and you make it look beautiful,”added another fan.

“Hello beautiful princess always beautiful sexy sensual; kisses rich biting mmm what a delight, "said someone else.

"Uffff every time more perfect !!!!", commented a follower.

“Hello good night, how beautiful you are; send a greeting to Coatzacoalcos Veracruz I am also from there, "said a netizen.

“Looking fabulous my totally precious, incredible Beauty; incredibly charming, sexy, "commented another person.

Just a few hours after posting this photo, Salma Hayek has already added almost 700 thousand likes and they continue to grow. The histrion is currently filming her first movie with Marvel, The Eternals, where she plays Ajak.

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