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Camilo Sesto's Son Took A Month To Collect Ashes

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Camilo Sesto's Son Took A Month To Collect Ashes
Camilo Sesto's Son Took A Month To Collect Ashes

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A little over a month ago, the song giant Camilo Sesto died in Madrid. Since then, media attention has focused on his enormous fortune, his musical legacy and his relationship with his only son, also singer Camilo Blanes Ornelas.

Now the tall young man residing in Mexico has had to come out to show his face to explain why it took him a month to collect his father's ashes, which had been in a morgue for weeks.

The controversy has been strong, so Blanes resorted to the law firm Dlau & Lintons to issue a statement and ensure that he could not collect the remains of his father because "third parties" had prevented him.

"The delay in obtaining these ashes has been due to the need to have the authorization of third parties for their collection," said the document dated October 9 in Madrid. “Mr. Camilo Blanes Ornelas has tried to recover the ashes of his father from the first moment. This was made known to the funeral company in the same week of his death and, since then, he has not ceased in this endeavor”.

"Obviously, the first person interested in having his father's ashes is precisely our client, who is the one who has most regretted the situation generated," the document continues.

Neither Camilo nor his representatives have wanted to explain who those third parties were who prevented him from collecting the ashes. However, the television program Corazón (RTVE-Spain) reports that said person could be Cristóbal Huete, the trusted man of the late singer. However, the attorney has denied the version. "In which world a child cannot collect the ashes from him and take them to the place he deems appropriate without the need for signatures?"

Camilo Sesto's coffin, last September:

Carmilo Sesto wake Spain
Carmilo Sesto wake Spain

Camilo Blanes last September arriving in Madrid:

Camilo Blanes, Camilo Sesto
Camilo Blanes, Camilo Sesto

Whatever the important thing now is that Camilo already has in his possession the ashes of the unforgettable interpreter and is now preparing for the tribute that will be held in the Alicante city of Alcoy.

According to the tribute to Camilo Sesto, it will take place this October 24, as confirmed by Raúl Llopis, Councilor for Culture of the City Council.

For his part, his son has thanked all those who have shown their support in these hard times. As for what he will do with the immense fortune he has inherited - estimated at about eight million Euros, plus monthly royalties and numerous properties - the young man assures that he wants to lead a "productive" life. So be it.

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