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Camilo Sesto Son Ex Girlfriend Talks

Camilo Sesto Son Ex Girlfriend Talks
Camilo Sesto Son Ex Girlfriend Talks

Video: Camilo Sesto Son Ex Girlfriend Talks

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Just a few days ago we learned that Camilo Blanes, the only son of Camilo Sesto, has been declared the universal heir of the unforgettable singer who died last September at the age of 72.

And it is known that although Camilín - as they also call him the singer in Spain - he did not have an ideal relationship with his father in life. Similarly, little is known about his love life and his personal relationships, apart from the bond he maintains with his mother, Lourdes Ornelas.

Now in an explosive interview published this week in Spain, the model and singer Christina Rapado has released her tongue in a big way exposing the intimacy of her ex-partner and her alleged abuse of drugs and alcohol.

"[Camilín] works very well in sex," the blonde told the Pronto magazine to open the plate. According to this publication, in 2007 she and Blanes had a "crazy and wild love" relationship "that lasted several months."

“I met him at his worst. He was very lacking in affection,”says the woman, who explained that in those years Camilo Sesto had cut off all financial aid from his son. "He did not like his nightlife or his addictions … when he hit rock bottom, it was me who took care of him," Rapado explained.

The sexy model did not leave the puppet without a head and said about Camilín's mother: “He controls him too much. And I'm going to give you some advice: ma'am, be careful, because when your child has a drink, she can't stop. Her Achilles heel was the drink."

The woman also revealed that when the relationship ended, Camilo's mother asked him to delete some videos that appeared on YouTube where they both appeared arguing on a flat street. Rapado took the opportunity to deny the rumors that had arisen for some time that Camilín had fallen into excess due to his bad influence. "I admit that I was a little 'lost', but he was much more."

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