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Daniel Elbittar Gallant From The Dragon
Daniel Elbittar Gallant From The Dragon

Video: Daniel Elbittar Gallant From The Dragon

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Video: El Dragón || Victor y Adela - Alli Estare - Daniel Elbittar ft Melissa Barrera 2023, February

About to celebrate two decades of successful artistic career, Daniel Elbittar lives one of the sweetest moments of his career. The Venezuelan actor and singer, who has close to 1.5 million followers on Instagram alone, not only succeeds as one of the protagonists of the series The Secret of Selena, which Telemundo broadcasts on Sundays at 10 pm Eastern time; In addition, she will soon make her appearance in the recently released Univision television series The Dragon, where she will form an attractive love triangle with Renata Notni and Sebastián Rulli.

As if that were not enough, the 40-year-old interpreter has just released his first EP, Por amor no se plega, made up of six songs in which he sings of love and heartbreak.

In the personal field; however, Elbittar unfortunately cannot say the same. Although he is still happily married to the Venezuelan actress Sabrina Seara, with whom he has a son, Maximiliano, who is his adoration, the soap opera beau like Siempre tuya Acapulco lives difficult moments due to the delicate state of health of his father, whom he did not do long ago. he was diagnosed with lung cancer station 4 with brain and adrenal metastases.

We are very sorry for what is happening to your dad Daniel. How is he and, above all, how are you living this situation that should not be easy at all?

We are dealing with this situation the whole family. It is a very delicate moment and also the situation in my country, Venezuela, does not help us because almost all the treatments you need are not there because of the scarcity there is, because of everything that is happening in the country, so that's why I went up the photo of my dad requesting a little help because insurance also does not want to get involved in these types of illnesses when they are in that type of degree. We are in that process, but with the hope that everything will turn out well.

We can see you soon in The Dragon (Univision), what can you tell us about?

My character is called Victor, enters chapter 22 as the only antagonistic character in the love story of The Dragon with the protagonist. Victor is an honest banker who is very faithful and very correct with everything he does, a character who was very humble and who through effort and work built a banking empire, then he comes to The Dragon to fall in love with Renata Notni and will have those scenes of confrontation with Sebastián Rulli.

How about chemistry with Renata?

Amazing. We did a casting for a soap opera that in the end never happened and from there we connected very well and we really had an incredible time. She is a super-professional actress, very talented, so working with her was a pleasure, as well as with the entire cast.


In music you are also premiere with the recent release of your EP …

There are many people who do not know but I started in music. Acting happens to me as a consequence of life. In 2015 I starred in a soap opera in Mexico called Siempre tuya Acapulco and sang the main song and I released my first album there. I said 'well if I'm going to continue on the musical path I'm going to do well'. So I made a musical in Mexico called Mentiras, which gave me that credibility of doing live musical theater and after that I made a song with Nacho and Espinosa Paz called 'What is love?' It has 17 million views on YouTube and it opened the way for me on the music side. Later a song was made with SamoIt was called 'I'm alive', well that song was three weeks in first place in Ecuador, it was in the top 10 on Billboard in the United States, it was number 5 in Puerto Rico, in Venezuela number 1…. So it opened many doors to me in Latin America and right now I decided to release this EP that includes these songs that I mentioned earlier and three previously unreleased songs like 'Por amor no se ruega', whose video clip was filmed in the Mojave Desert in the United States and in the city ​​of Miami. It is a blockbuster with incredible cinematic values. The song is already reaching two million views on YouTube and well I am very happy.

Of all the songs that make up that EP, which one defines you the most as an artist?

I think the song that most identifies with me is 'I'm alive', first because of the melodies. Originally 'I'm alive' was a ballad, then it took a bit to urban and I like romantic music, I like to sing to love as I also like the dance part, that is I am Venezuelan and I have the rhythm in my blood, but my essence is the romantic songs. I am a 100% pope, I like ballads, I like pop, so I think 'I'm alive' is the song that most defines me for its lyrics and its musical arrangement.

Your face of dad also makes you very happy, right?

That is the true description of what love means. Really, my son is my life, he is the motor, he is what moves me and I am grateful with life and with my wife for giving me that wonderful gift of being a father and you don't know how I enjoy it. I think the highest price I am paying to fulfill my dreams is to be distanced from him, but well, everything I do I do for him.

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