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Festival People En Español: The Products You Should Know

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Festival People En Español: The Products You Should Know
Festival People En Español: The Products You Should Know

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Just a few days ago, residents of the New York area enjoyed the return of Festival People En Español. Our event was full of music, good Latin food, high-caliber artists and even a market where several entrepreneurs from the area managed to show their creations. If you missed the event, here we share all the information of each of the companies that accompanied us for you to take a look.

Breakups to Makeup

Creator: Angelique Vélez


Instagram: @breakupstomakeup

Angelique Vélez can literally say "Love raised me, lipstick saved me!" The makeup artist and founder of Breakups to Makeup used a personal experience of misfortune and suffering to jump-start the creation of Breakups to Makeup (B2M), which is now one of the highest-quality clothing and accessory brands with the most demand in the country among makeup enthusiasts. This line is in retail stores such as Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Ricky's and NYLON Shop.

Born and raised in New York, of Puerto Rican and Cuban origin, Angelique Vélez says that her brand's mantra is: "That no matter what happens in life, you can get up and face the horizon with a direct gaze and move on."


Paloma's Jewelry Corp

Creators: Milton Peñafiel and Patricia De La Rosa.


IG: @palomasjewelrycorp

Paloma's Jewelry Corp.'s extensive collection has a unique and personalized touch.

“Our wide range includes designs in the following categories: casual, spiritual, family, inspirational fashion jewelry (with messages of emotional strengthening), bohemian and Fine Jewelry with metals and precious stones whose particular collection is designed and created personally by Milton Peñafiel”, revealed the couple.


Their new product addition is a line of shoe lace accessories.

“This collection is exclusively dedicated to all tennis fans. Our labels are the perfect accessory for the gym, travel, training sessions, sports practice, marathons, active outdoor adventures or personal motivation. What makes this a unique and original product is that we have the ability to personalize an accessory that identifies you, that fits your lifestyle and empowers you.”


Sololi Shop

Creator: Isabel Amigon

Website- www.sololishop.com

Instagram: @sololishop

Sololi is a craft store that specializes in women's accessories and home decor like 100% recycled plastic bags or headbands with traditional fabrics. We use traditional techniques and materials just like our ancestors did. If you are looking for an alternative to factory-made designs, and you care about the humans behind your purchases and want to make a positive impact on the world, then you will love shopping from us. Handmade with love.


Jonathan Castro Designs

Instagram: @JonathanCastroDesigns

Jonathan Castro offers handmade ceramic designs that are functional for everyday use and sculptures inspired by underwater plants and animals.

“Since I was a child, I visited my family in Puerto Rico and I was obsessed with the beach and being in the water. Years later, this underwater idea inspired my sculpture work.”


Hell Notes for Beauty


Instagram: @HellNotesforBeauty

Hell Notes for Beauty ™ is the premier metaphysical destination for the determined, inspired soul.

“I am dedicated to the solitary practitioner who seeks to establish spiritual independence, self-care and recognition of ancestral knowledge. Our products are unique in that they awaken our ancient ancestral memories through our products that are sourced with the original intent of our ancestral heritage,”shares Creative Director Jessica L. Baptisté.


New York eyes

Creator: Stephany Vargas

Www. Ojitosnewyork.com

"We offer different items from key chains, bracelets and bracelets. They all wear the EYE from the evil eye that protects us from all bad vibes and negativity”.

See you the next year!

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