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Isabella Castillo And Matías Novoa Second Wedding Photos

Isabella Castillo And Matías Novoa Second Wedding Photos
Isabella Castillo And Matías Novoa Second Wedding Photos

Video: Isabella Castillo And Matías Novoa Second Wedding Photos

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Video: Isabella Castillo y Matías Novoa se juran amor eterno en boda religiosa | Al Rojo Vivo | Telemundo 2023, February

Five months after being married by civilians, the protagonists of the successful Telemundo superseries The Lord of the Skies, Isabella Castillo and Matías Novoa, will return to say 'yes, I want' this time before God this Friday.

The ceremony will take place on a ranch located in North Carolina, where the Cuban actress and the Chilean heartthrob will swear eternal love with their loved ones.

"We are not going to throw the house out the window like this at the wedding, it is not going to be a typical, traditional, super luxurious wedding," Isabella told in a recent exclusive interview with the television program Red Hot. "It is going to be on a ranch where there are cows and I am going to put on cowboy boots," she added.


The couple, whose love story was born last year on the recording forums of the sixth season of The Lord of the Skies, can not be more excited and excited a few hours after getting married.

"There will be those who have to be in a divine place in North Carolina in the countryside with a lot of peace, nature, as we like," said Novoa, who plays Amado Casillas in the veteran superset of Telemundo.

Completely away from any type of glamor or luxury, the only thing Isabella and Matías intend with their wedding, according to what they have told us, is to have fun and spend an unforgettable day surrounded by their loved ones.

"The purpose is not that of the best dish or the best dress but to have a bomb," they recognized.

Just married, the actors return this Monday, October 14, to the Telemundo screens as the protagonists of the seventh season of El señor de los cielos.

“A lot of things are coming. We never stop the action. It is a really action series and now the family drama is going to get much more”, Matías anticipated weeks ago about the new season.

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