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Marimar And Zuria Vega Open Their Hearts

Marimar And Zuria Vega Open Their Hearts
Marimar And Zuria Vega Open Their Hearts

Video: Marimar And Zuria Vega Open Their Hearts

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Three years have passed since Gonzalo Vega lost the battle against the myelodysplastic syndrome that he suffered for a long time and took his life. Now, his daughters Marimar and Zuria remember him and make it clear how much they lack.

Famous brothers
Famous brothers

"Hombrón … always in me, always with me," wrote Marimar Vega on her Instagram account. "How are you missing father?"

He accompanied this text with a photograph of the actor, who appears sitting on some stones near a river. He wears a white sweater and beige pants; In his hands he carries white shoes too.

For her part, Zuria Vega posted on the same social network an image of her wedding day, when she was dressed as a bride and her father gave her a strong and loving hug. She accompanied the text with the title of a poem by Ana María Rabatté that she wrote in its entirety.

"In life, brother, in life," said Zuria Vega. "My dad used to tell us this poem a lot …"

Of course, netizens joined the sisters with phrases of support.

"And why not, if a father is the first love. I don't know what I would do without mine,”said a follower.

"If as an actor he was terrific, I can already imagine myself as a father and a friend," added a fan.

"In life, brother, in life … Beautiful words. Loving our loved ones in life”, someone else commented.


“A very nice poem that undoubtedly touches the hearts of all of us who lost a loved one and we are pleased to have told them how much we loved them and to have made the most of a thousand in life, beautiful poem; beautiful person your father. Thank you for sharing that beautiful poem with your humble follower, thank you !!!”, expressed one person.

Gonzalo Vega died on October 10, 2016 at the age of 69.

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