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Much Emotion In The Tribute Of José José In Miami

Much Emotion In The Tribute Of José José In Miami
Much Emotion In The Tribute Of José José In Miami

Video: Much Emotion In The Tribute Of José José In Miami

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He was a great and as such he is being fired. With the controversies aside, the city of Miami in which José José lived the last two decades is paying him the tribute he deserves. The funeral procession arrived this Sunday morning at the Miami Dade County auditorium where family, friends and thousands of fans wanted to fire him in style.

The union and respect for the person of José José was the predominant note in this celebration where both his three children and his wife Sarita Salazar put aside the controversy to make way for the love and affection for which he was one of the great Latin American music figures.

The applause and the shouts of ¡Viva! They did not stop listening at all times from the outside, where their followers also wanted to say present in such a special moment.

Both Sarita daughter, Marysol and José Joel have dedicated emotional speeches between tears, memories and beautiful words that enhance the figure of a huge human being. Each in their own way captured in their speeches what their father meant to them.

Who almost could not mediate a word was her daughter Sarita who did not stop crying throughout her speech. "We are nothing without Miami, Mexico and the whole world, long live the Prince!", She concluded, followed by applause from the audience.

No less excited was Marysol that although she admitted to being happy that she was able to say goodbye to him, she also assured that it was not the most appropriate way. "I thank you forever for the love your children placed in us," she said with a broken voice. "May the will of God be done in the name of Jesus because that is perfect," he finished.

The tribute has been broadcast live on Telemundo and just before starting it was possible to confirm one last hour: José José will travel to Mexico and his audience will be able to say goodbye. After a few days full of doubts and uncertainty, his wife Sarita Salazar affirmed before the microphones that this would be the case. She is the person with the sole power to make that decision and it finally seems that the much deserved tribute that everyone expected will take place.

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