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Colombian Designer Receives Tribute In Miami
Colombian Designer Receives Tribute In Miami

Video: Colombian Designer Receives Tribute In Miami

Video: Colombian Designer Receives Tribute In Miami
Video: Festival Independencia de Colombia en Miami 2010 2023, March

The designer Adriana Castro who has managed to place her bags in the movie Sex & the City or under the arm of celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, has been recognized in Miami with the keys to the city. We spoke with the Barranquilla woman about her handbag signature, her first collection of accessories and the celebration of the sweetest moment of her career.

How do you feel having received this tribute?

It is an honor for me to receive the key to this magical city that opened its doors to me and has seen me grow as a designer and as a person. Miami has been a witness and accomplice of my experiences, it has given me the support and motivation that is needed as an immigrant entrepreneur to continue pursuing my dreams.

How did Miami help you develop your bag brand?

Miami is a cosmopolitan city that taught me to grow in inspiration and strength to dare to undertake. In addition, it became an important showcase to carry my bags to the rest of the world.

What was the inspiration for your collection that is currently available to the public?

The collection of wallets currently for sale is the FW2017. I also recently launched my first line of footwear from Moda Operandi. I mention this especially because it is my first proposal for shoes. Her name is "Aida" and they are mules. A collection that is inspired by the holiday and traveler spirit that the Mediterranean Coast transmits, that's why these slingback shoes are dyed in neutral tones and powdered with a few strokes of vibrant colors.

What three things should a woman have in mind when buying a handbag?

Quality, own style, color.

What is the worst mistake that women make when they wear a bag?

Ignore your own style and your own needs by wearing something that is currently being used.

A message for the Latina business woman who wants to be a designer in this country

Always believe that you can achieve it and the power of your dreams. When we have confidence in ourselves, we can achieve anything, if we add persistence, dedication and a lot of love to what we do.

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