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Sparks Jump Between Maluma And Jennifer López

Sparks Jump Between Maluma And Jennifer López
Sparks Jump Between Maluma And Jennifer López

Video: Sparks Jump Between Maluma And Jennifer López

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Video: Jennifer Lopez, Maluma - Pa Ti | РЕАКЦИЯ | 2023, January

Amazing what music is capable of, anything can happen. And it is usually wonderful. A new miracle has occurred on stage at Madison Square Garden in New York. In the middle of his spectacular concert Maluma gave a surprise to those present with an exceptional guest, Jennifer López !

The stage was empty to welcome a spectacular JLo who was climbing on a platform. As always she looked impressive in a gold suit, tight and most striking. There the Colombian was waiting for him and the applause of a rampant public.

But the surprises did not end there. Yes, they sang together but guess what song? Well they dared with "Do not love me", the star song of the artist with whom her husband Marc Anthony was. By the way, a great friend of Maluma.

That's right, almost without being able to hear them due to the applause and the screams of those present, the Colombian and the New Yorker gave themselves up to this romantic song whose interpretation had nothing to envy to the one Jen and Marc did in their day, let's be honest.

Among them is a good vibes and a special chemistry. This is also because both have already met before because they are preparing something else. Together they begin to shoot these days their new movie, Marry Me, a romantic comedy of which they have already given us a small preview.

Definitely the Maluma-JLo tandem works and we are delighted that they give us such moments full of magic and complicity. Thank you!

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