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Patricia Manterola Her Father Dies

Patricia Manterola Her Father Dies
Patricia Manterola Her Father Dies

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Patricia Manterola is in mourning. The unforgettable protagonist of successful soap operas such as Acapulco body and soul and Bet for a Love suffered this Wednesday the loss of her 'daddy' -as she affectionately called him- ', who was found dead inside a vehicle.

Moved by her departure but at the same time in peace to know that she is already resting, the Mexican presenter dedicated some emotional words to her father on Instagram.

"See you soon, beloved daddy, rest in peace. Although your physical presence will be greatly missed, we know that you are light and your soul lives and beats very strongly within us”, the actress wrote without giving more details about what happened.

The driver took advantage of her publication to thank her father for everything he did in life for his family and to remember some of the beautiful moments he lived with him.

“Thank you for brushing my hair every night before sleeping when I was a child, you sat me with so much love on your legs on that reclining sofa. Even if I close my eyes, I feel your hands brushing my brush so gently over my head,”he recalled.

"Thank you for loving us so much, thank you for being the beloved 'Tito' for your grandchildren who will always love you, remember and laugh a lot when they say 'oh Chihuahua how much Apache'. Thank you for loving Forrest so much and always telling him my son. Thank you for taking care of your brothers and your mother when your daddy died and becoming so young in that support for your family and my grandmother Bertha. I am sure that your daddy whom you missed so much already hugs you in heaven and they are enjoying a lot together. See you soon daddy, I'm at peace because I know you're at peace. I love you”, he added.

According to information released by the newspaper El Universal, the lifeless body of Manterola's father was found without signs of violence inside a vehicle in the Mexican state of Morelos.

"According to the first reports, the diagnosis is natural death due to cardio-respiratory arrest," reported the aforementioned Mexican newspaper through its website.

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