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Irina Baeva First Photo Without Makeup

Irina Baeva First Photo Without Makeup
Irina Baeva First Photo Without Makeup

Video: Irina Baeva First Photo Without Makeup

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Video: Irina Baeva fotos 2023, January

Her face is one of the most beautiful and also one that we will see the most on television soon thanks to her roles in two of the most anticipated series of the moment. One has already been released, The Dragon; the other almost almost, Single with daughters, where he works with his great love Gabriel Soto.

Her profession forces her to be made up and perfect from head to toe and we never catch her in an oversight. But Irina Baeva has delighted her fans with an absolutely natural network publication. Without sequins, glitter or a drop of makeup, the actress has shown herself as she is when she gets up every morning.

He has done it with this photograph from the living room of his house, with comfortable clothes with which he usually exercises. But it has been her totally washed face that has surprised the most for good.

"Rainy morning from home", he has written next to the image. Days ago she showed her change in her hair somewhat shorter and blonde, a perfect look for her skin tone. Skin without makeup that has allowed us to discover her beautiful complexion and that even makes her look much more girlish.

At 26 years old, Irina has proven to be very courageous, leaving behind her native Russia and her family and moving to Mexico to fulfill her dreams. Illusions that are taking place since she is one of the strongest actresses of the moment. In love it does not go badly either. After the storm, calm arrives and it seems that she can finally enjoy without prejudice her romantic story with Gabriel Soto, whose relationship is stronger and stronger than ever.

Irina Baeva, Gabriel Soto
Irina Baeva, Gabriel Soto

Thanks for showing us that other side of you, more natural and real!

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