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Chained Nigeria

Chained Nigeria
Chained Nigeria

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Video: CHAINED 2023, February

Scary! This is the story of the authorities in Nigeria that revealed the horrifying discovery of more than 300 people chained and tortured, most of them children, who were locked in a school in the north of the country.

Police confirmed to Reuters on Friday that children up to 5 years old were discovered at the school located in the town of Kaduna. Many wore chains on their calves and legs to keep from escaping, and showed scars from blows and floggings.

Some of the children reported that they were raped by school teachers. One of the rescued minors was so weak from the lashes that he received that when he was released, the police had to hold him so that he could stand upright.

"This site is neither a rehabilitation center nor an Islamic school, you can see for yourself," Ali Jang a, one of the police commissioners, exclaimed to the press. "These children were gathered here from all over the country in inhuman and degrading conditions."

Among the rescued group were also children of other nationalities, including from Ghana and Burkina Faso.

Seven people including one who said he owned the place and six teachers were arrested in the operation carried out this Thursday. Hassan Yusuf, one of the rescued children, told Reuters that he had been sent to the site to change his lifestyle. "I became a Christian, I left the lifestyle of Islam."

Authorities revealed that inside the school they found a very small torture room where the children were reportedly locked up to punish them.

Incredibly, after the operation it was discovered that for a time the neighbors had complained about the site and that they had even reported it to the police without anyone intervening, until now.

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