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Mistress Something Funny Slaves

Mistress Something Funny Slaves
Mistress Something Funny Slaves

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Video: Photos Of Slavery From The Past That Will Horrify You 2023, January

A teacher in Freeport, Long Island has been removed from the classroom after allegedly asking her high school students to write “something funny” about African American slaves for a school project.

The white woman who has not been identified by the school district serves as the eighth grade social science teacher at JW Dodd Middle School.

The school project dealing with the Reconstruction period came to light thanks to Darlene McCurty, who assures that her granddaughter told her about the subject saying that one of her friends had refused to participate in said school project and that this one. it had disturbed her.

The woman shared on Facebook copies of the photos that the children were to use for their work. “'[The teacher said] write something funny' about these photos of slavery. And make it very funny, said the woman because she did not want to be bored, "McCurty said indignantly in her post published last September 20.

McCurty also posted this photo on his networks asking for respect for his ancestors:

“My granddaughter is still extremely upset by this and asked how this racist teacher could be punished. I told him that I would handle it, "said McCurty on Facebook.

Her post has been shared more than 1,900 times and has generated the investigation of the school authorities who have so far removed the teacher while investigating what happened.

Kishore Kuncham, superintendent of Freeport Public Schools, said in a statement released by Newsweek that the school is investigating what happened and that the incident "has disturbed some students and their families."

"The emotional and social well-being of our students is always our priority and we take the sensitive comments of our staff very seriously," Kuncham said. It is unknown if the teacher is still teaching at the school.

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