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Alejandro Sanz Wants To Work With Rosalía, And Camila Cabello
Alejandro Sanz Wants To Work With Rosalía, And Camila Cabello

Video: Alejandro Sanz Wants To Work With Rosalía, And Camila Cabello

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Video: Camila Cabello and Alejandro Sanz on Instagram Live (5/21/20) 2023, January

Alejandro Sanz is not only an expert in delighting his fans with his songs and massive concerts, the Spanish singer also advocates for any cause that fights against social injustices. So that they know a little more what is behind the interpreter of "Treading Strong", we recall this exclusive interview in which, in addition to talking about music, he spoke about the pride he feels in being Latino. Something that has recently been the subject of some controversy after it was questioned that his compatriot Rosalía received an award in the category of Latin music at the MTV Video Music Awards.

What makes you proud to be part of a Latin wave?

First, I am proud of my culture, which is the people with whom I feel identified. For me, the Latin world is part of me. There are many people who consider that Europeans because we are in Europe are more European than Latino, but I honestly believe that we are not. Who can tell me that I am not Latino? I have much more to do with a Venezuelan, a Cuban, a Colombian or a Mexican than with a Dutch and a Belgian, much more. I am very pleased to see that Latin culture is present throughout the world. And that for many years we have built something very solid that right now represents us very well.

Who have been your mentors in this race?

My favorite artist was Paco de Lucía. I liked ACDC. I have been very open about music. I think music has to be capitalized and has to be enjoyed in the broad sense of the word.

Alejandro Sanz
Alejandro Sanz

Who do you need to collaborate with?

The truth with Residente, but there are other new artists who are talented and who are in the process of creating a solid career with a great future, like Rosalía.

What is your dream to fulfill?

All the writers and composers in the world want to write the most beautiful song in the world … and that's what we're at.

Alejandro Sanz, Marc Anthony
Alejandro Sanz, Marc Anthony

What is the most daring thing a fan has told you?

I can't count it in this magazine, I can't count it if my lawyer is not ahead (laughs).

You have never been oblivious to social injustices for …

You cannot be oblivious to injustice and you cannot be oblivious to people's pain.

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