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Angela Aguilar Celebrates Her Mexican Roots

Angela Aguilar Celebrates Her Mexican Roots
Angela Aguilar Celebrates Her Mexican Roots

Video: Angela Aguilar Celebrates Her Mexican Roots

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Angela Aguilar is not an ordinary girl and she knows that. But the smallest of the Aguilar dynasty would not change her life for anything.

"I came to [a] balance thinking nothing more than that I will never be a normal girl, that will never be my reality, and that is normal for me," the 16-year-old told People en Español. “I think I would be hurting myself if I was holding on to the idea that I have to live normal experiences like everyone else. Instead of going to parties on the weekends, I sing to thousands of people, I offer them my music, my traditions. There will be many parties, but those experiences can only be lived right now and in the moment. I'm not a normal girl and I don't want to be [him] either.”

That does not mean that she does not connect with young people of her same age who do not live on a stage like her, as she demonstrated in her visit to various schools to celebrate her Mexican roots accompanied by her brother Leonardo Aguilar and at the invitation of the Cultural Foundation of Latin Grammy.

The brothers visited Huntington Park High School in Los Angeles this week, where they shared with other music-loving boys and Angela offered a small tribute to her origins on the eve of the Mexican Independence celebration on September 16.

"Obviously it's a great reminder of this whole month to be happier [for] being Mexicans," he said. "One of the ways [that] I like to [celebrate] this month is because I have the opportunity to use my [social] networks and my voice to [pay tribute] to the people who made Mexico what it is now, artists or nothing more people who have helped us a little to carry the name of Mexico on high”.

Leaving aside the responsibility that comes from being on stage, the singer who is currently in her first year of high school advises young people not to be afraid and reminds them that life continues to go on despite the mistakes that may be made.

"Something I told them was that it's okay to be wrong, even though they think it's going to be the end of the world, it usually isn't," he said with a laugh. "Even if they have people who are making fun of them, at the end of the day they have to be sure of who they are in this world and [of] what they have to contribute."

Angela will continue the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month this weekend as part of Live Your Rhythm Tour of McDonald's, in the Olvera square in Los Angeles.

"Any opportunity I have to honor Mexico and its traditions, I will be there," he said. "We each have to do our bit to put the name of Mexico on high."

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