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Celebrities Call For An End To The Fire That Destroys The Amazon

Celebrities Call For An End To The Fire That Destroys The Amazon
Celebrities Call For An End To The Fire That Destroys The Amazon

Video: Celebrities Call For An End To The Fire That Destroys The Amazon

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The fire that strikes the Amazon has Planet Earth on alert and celebrities have raised their voices to help find a solution. According to reports, the fire is the result of long droughts and the impact of human beings on the planet. The livestock industry has generated deforestation in the Amazon since ranchers often start fires to clear the land and use it for grazing. Farmers have also been accused of "chaqueos", of burning vegetation to create farmland. This rain forest is a carbon reserve that helps stop the devastating effects of global warming.

Fire in the Amazon
Fire in the Amazon

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin shared an image of the burning jungle with the following message: “When the Notre Dame Cathedral was burning with flames, the world media covered every moment and some billorarians rushed to restore it. Right now the Amazon jungle is burning. The lung of our planet has been on fire for three weeks. There is no media coverage and neither are billionaires.”

The Puerto Rican merenguera Olga TañónHe also expressed his concern, sharing the following post: “I hope you share and realize how ignorant we are. When the cathedral caught fire, everyone was watching, it was even called a tragedy. At this time the Amazon has been burning for 17 days, nobody does anything to help neither her government nor the world. In case they do not know this himself (the Amazon) better known as the world's lung (he gives us 20% of the oxygen we breathe around the world) is being destroyed and nobody helps anything.” The interpreter of "Enough is enough" added: "Thousands of species inhabit these places. Let's not take away the home of the poor animals that are not to blame for how trash we humans are (just look at the despair of a person aware of the situation when they see that a poor animal is about to burn alive).People are lacking more awareness”.

Cuban singer Camila Cabello shared a photo of the devastating fire with the message: “This breaks the soul and is terrifying. I want to cry from frustration. What are we doing? We are literally the miracle that is our home. I'm so sorry planet Earth.”

Likewise, Dominican singer Natti Natasha showed her outrage, sharing a video of an indigenous woman asking for desperate help when she saw her village burn. “The lung of the planet is burning and suffering, it is our mission to do everything necessary to spread the word about what is happening and help save it. The Amazon, which produces 20% of the oxygen on our planet, continues to burn and this will have serious consequences. It is time to unite to carry the message … #Brazil and #Bolivia the most affected countries, we must ACT NOW! ", Wrote the urban music star.

Nicky Jam shared a video showing the destruction and shared the message: “Do not pray for Brazil or for the Amazon. Pray for yourself”, emphasizing that the destruction of the Amazon affects every living being on the planet.

For her part, Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo shared a collage showing that species had been collected. How can we help? Proposals are heard. Let's be the change! Let's make the change,”said Del Castillo.

How can we all help? Donating to entities such as WWF Brazil, Rainforest Concern, Rainforest Action Network, Rainforest Trust, World Wide Fund for Nature, Amazon Watch, Green Peace and Earth Alliance. You can also help spread the word on social media about the fire using the hashtags # CrisisClimática #PrayForAmazonia and #AmazonRainForest.

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