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Memo Ibarra Asks Donald Trump To Raise Awareness

Memo Ibarra Asks Donald Trump To Raise Awareness
Memo Ibarra Asks Donald Trump To Raise Awareness

Video: Memo Ibarra Asks Donald Trump To Raise Awareness

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Singer Guillermo Memo Ibarra returns to the ring and takes charge of his solo career. And in this new stage, the former member of Alacranes Musical shows his desire to help and guide his community.

To launch his new single titled “The Immigrant”, Ibarra joined his colleague Jecsiel Lugo of the Konvoy Group to send a message to all those who are thinking of leaving their country to emigrate to the United States in search of the so-called American dream.

"This is not the time to go to the United States right now because of the situation we are experiencing, with all the raids, discrimination, and that they are reinforcing the borders. It is a call for all our race to unite”, says Ibarra to PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL.

Through the song, the interpreters implore those who listen to them to stay in their country of origin to avoid being mistreated on their journey and arrival in the United States. "Don't risk your life, it's not worth it [to come] to the United States right now," says Ibarra.

The interpreter and Lugo - the author of the theme - took the task of visiting Sonora, on the United States border with Mexico, to speak with people who have left everything behind in search of a better future, in order to capture their stories in the song. After that experience, what message would you send to President Donald Trump ?

"Every time he appears on television, when he has the opportunity, he rectifies his hatred, his racism towards the Hispanic race, I don't understand that," says Ibarra. "I don't understand the president. Most of all that his two marriages are [with women] immigrants and we have watched his wife speak and she does not speak the language well. I don't understand that situation."

And he adds: “If I had him in front [I would tell him] that he was aware of everything he is doing, of everything that is happening. Let him go back a little to look at the roots of his grandfather, his wife. We have to unite and support our entire race.”

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