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Killer El Paso Recruiting Supremacists

Killer El Paso Recruiting Supremacists
Killer El Paso Recruiting Supremacists

Video: Killer El Paso Recruiting Supremacists

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Video: 'Racism is evil': Trump condemns white supremacist groups after deadly protest in Charlottesville 2023, January

The parents of a young resident in Collin County, Texas, say that two years ago the murderer who perpetrated the El Paso massacre - where 22 people lost their lives - tried to recruit his son to a group of white supremacists. The family has come out to tell the story, assuring that at the time they reported what happened to the FBI and the police, but that they did not reveal the boy's identity at the time.

The father of the family - whose identity has not been revealed for fear of reprisals - said that when he found out about what happened in El Paso, he knew immediately that this was connected to that deplorable family episode.

The man said that as soon as the name of Patrick Crusius became known as the alleged perpetrator of the massacre, the family knew instantly that this was the same guy who tried to put his son in a small local group of supremacists. "It was like suddenly fireworks exploded, it just hit the spot," he exclaimed in statements reproduced by the WFAA-8 chain in Texas.

"[Our son] spoke of Patrick in a way that glorified him," the man explained. "First [they gave him] a newsletter, then they became his friends," added the mother. “I was out of my mind. [I said to my son] You know this is not right, we gave you a better education. '”

The family told what happened to the Allen Department Police, who have confirmed the version and said they were not aware that the family mentioned Crusius by name in their report.

Numerous organizations work to counter the growing wave of racism in the country:

Unfortunately, the parents assure that they do not have a close relationship with their son and that contact with him is minimal, however they are sure that since his graduation two years ago, he did not contact the alleged murderer again. Last Saturday, when the massacre occurred, they spoke for the last time with the young man.

Crusius was arrested in the same place where he killed 19 people -3 more died in an El Paso hospital. His case has shaken even the most experienced police officers who told CNN that when the boy was arrested, he had a “stone face” that showed neither mercy nor repentance.

"It was a look that I had never seen before and that has been in the [law enforcement] forces for 31 years," explained Sgt. Enrique Carrillo of the El Paso Police. "I have seen murderers, thieves, but nothing like this."

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