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Young Man Hugs His Brother's Killer In Full Trial

Young Man Hugs His Brother's Killer In Full Trial
Young Man Hugs His Brother's Killer In Full Trial

Video: Young Man Hugs His Brother's Killer In Full Trial

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Video: See victim's brother hug convicted ex-cop Amber Guyger 2023, February

They say that from love to hate there is a step but this time it was the opposite. After losing his brother Botham Jean to a bullet at the hands of Amber Guyger, young Brandt Jean surprised everyone in the midst of the trial of the police officer. The images of his embrace with the ex-officer, sentenced to ten years in prison, have traveled the world.

The events date back to September 2018 when Amber shot a 26-year-old accountant from the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia to death. Thinking she was in her apartment, the police made a mistake and entered her neighbor, Botham's. Confused, she did not hesitate to draw the weapon and attempt on the victim's life.

Although the defense claimed she was tired and that it was a manslaughter, she will eventually go to jail for a decade. During the trial, the victim's brother starred in a moving moment. Not only did he dedicate some very emotional words to the executioner of his relative, but he asked the judge if he could hug her.

The moment moved everyone present, especially the young man's sincere words. "I speak for myself. I forgive you and I know that if you ask God he will forgive you. Once again, I am speaking for myself, not even for my family. I love you like any other person and I am not going to say that I hope that you will rot and die like my brother,”Brandt said sincerely to the astonished woman.

"I want the best for you because I know that is exactly what Botham would want for you. The best thing is that you give your life to Christ,”he continued. Shortly after, she asked Judge Tammy Kempt for the hug from Amber who kept crying at the table during this sincere statement that has gone around the world.

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