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Camila Cabello Faces Criticism For Being Overweight

Camila Cabello Faces Criticism For Being Overweight
Camila Cabello Faces Criticism For Being Overweight

Video: Camila Cabello Faces Criticism For Being Overweight

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Video: Camila Cabello CLAPS BACK After Being Body Shamed! 2023, January

More and more celebrities use their social networks to promote self-love.

Cuban-born singer Camila Cabello used her Instagram platform to talk about unrealistic beauty standards and the negative influence they can have on people.

The 22-year-old singer shared a powerful post on her Instagram story over the weekend, taking a stand against body shamers.


"I have not gone to social networks with the conscious intention of avoiding things that hurt my feelings, but for a second I forgot when trying to find a photo to publish about it being the second anniversary of" Habana "and my eyes accidentally passed overlook a main body line of people that embarrasses me, '”he wrote.

Cabello shared that he initially felt "super insecure just IMAGINING what these images should be like."

"My cellulite! Oh no! I didn't suck my stomach!”He wrote, adding that once that wave passed, he changed his mind. "But then I thought … of course there are bad images, of course there are bad angles, my body is not made of rock."

Reflecting on how the practice of photo editing has changed the way "young girls" see themselves, Cabello noted that many "seek perfection that is not real."

“I'm writing this for girls like my little sister who are growing up on social media. They constantly see photos edited with Photoshop and think that is the reality, and everyone's eyes get used to seeing bodies with an airbrush and skin with an airbrush and suddenly think that it IS the norm,”he wrote. "It is not. It's false. AND THE FALSE BECOMES THE NEW REAL.”

"We have a completely unrealistic view of a woman's body," she added, before encouraging women to embrace their "beautiful and natural" bodies.

Continuing, she wrote: “Girls, cellulite is normal. Fat is normal. It is beautiful and natural. I'm not going to fall today !!!!! Not today, Satan. and I hope you don't either”.

In October 2018, while the singer was still dating former Matthew Hussey, Cabello spoke on social media after posting a photo that led some fans to wonder if she was expecting her first child.

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