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David Zepeda Leaves Televisa: Which Chain Is He Going To?
David Zepeda Leaves Televisa: Which Chain Is He Going To?

Video: David Zepeda Leaves Televisa: Which Chain Is He Going To?

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David Zepeda said goodbye to Televisa to embark on a new adventure with the Telemundo network, where his debut will be made with nothing more and nothing less than Aracely Arámbula. What motivated you to leave Televisa after more than a decade of work? How do you feel emotionally? Will it not appear more in the next season of Por Amar sin ley? The attractive actor told us everything exclusively.

David Zepeda leaves Televisa. Without a doubt, a strong decision …

I am very happy the truth. I am very excited about this great challenge [that I start] with Telemundo. I started with a great challenge that I am passionate about and since I was invited to participate, I was very inspired to be part of it. I love the opportunities and they believe in me. I will make a completely different character from what I had been doing in the last soap operas with Televisa.

Was the decision difficult to make?

No, I was happy when they called me for such an important project. I don't like having doubts about it. When the project is good, I am the happiest to take this step. They gave me the elements to make these changes. Also, I will make a character, big and complex. The heart told me that here [on Telemundo] was my way.


Tell us about this character that you will make

I am very excited. I will be at La doña 2 with Aracely Arámbula, Carlos Ponce, Eric del Castillo, among other actors.

Are you moving to Miami?

Fortunately, this soap opera has locations in Mexico City and Acapulco.

Will you be the beau?

It is a very peculiar triangle between Aracely, Carlos and me.


Is there no possibility that you are then in To love without law?

Maybe there will be season three and four. There are great possibilities.

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