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Jeimy Osorio And Rodrigo Giménez Commit

Jeimy Osorio And Rodrigo Giménez Commit
Jeimy Osorio And Rodrigo Giménez Commit

Video: Jeimy Osorio And Rodrigo Giménez Commit

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Video: Jeimy Osorio se casó, mira su linda ceremonia | Un Nuevo Día | Telemundo 2023, January

Actress Jeimy Osorio will soon leave singleness to become a married woman. After keeping his relationship with the Argentine actor Rodrigo Giménez away from the cameras, the gallant surprised the Puerto Rican this weekend with a public proposal of marriage within the framework of the Guanajuato International Film Festival, Mexico, where the couple was acting as event presenters.

At the start of the award and after a brief greeting to the attendees, Giménez addressed the actress with an unexpected question: "Jeimy Osorio, do you want to marry me?" Asked Giménez before kneeling down, ring in hand.

Visibly surprised and nervous, the actress accepted her proposal amid a burst of applause and screams from the audience. The moment was shared on Tuesday by the actress on her social networks with an emotional message.

“I always dreamed of finding true love. I am the daughter of a soul mate marriage. I know this because I grew up in an environment of union, peace, harmony, respect and beautiful moments that shaped me as a human being…..”, she wrote on her Instagram account. "I did not know that this love was waiting for me to teach me, not only what it is to love, but what it is to be loved."

Osorio, in addition, went out of his way in loving compliments towards Giménez. "Rodrigo: Thank you for surprising me every day with your love and details. Definitely yes, I want it all with you! I love you like I never imagined to love. I knew that loving would be something intense, but nothing as great as this. Long live love!”He wrote.

The protagonist of Celia announced that she was hopelessly in love with the actor at the end of last June, when they shared their first photograph together.

“Falling in love is a blessing and blessings are shared…. I tell you that I feel extremely blessed, surprised and happy! Rodrigo, thank you for coming into my life and allowing me to enjoy and learn from love in this way. How exciting everything is coming! I love you!”, He shared with the snapshot in June.

Apart from that moment, the actress kept her relationship away from the public eye until the moment when Giménez knelt.

Long live the bride and groom!

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