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Geraldine Bazán New Look Platinum Hair

Geraldine Bazán New Look Platinum Hair
Geraldine Bazán New Look Platinum Hair

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Celebrity makeovers are the order of the day. So far this year we have already seen several of ours who have decided to make a change to their hair and we have to admit that they look more modern and fresh. And it is that in order to stay current both singers and actresses and presenters try to wear different hair looks and many times that not only involves hairstyles, but more drastic things such as a haircut or a very different hair color than they have. Among the most recent changes is that of Clarissa Molina, who after lightening her hair - now it has been darkened again - decided to do her bangs and then cut her hair leaving a modern bob. We cannot forget the drastic change of Alejandra Espinoza, who stops her character in the new version of the novel Rubí,She changed her bob cut for a much shorter one, which in fact, looks amazing on her. The new celebrity who underwent a change? The beloved Geraldine Bazán.

After enjoying a spectacular vacation in France, Italy and Greece, the Mexican actress went to her old place of residence, Miami, where in addition to enjoying a little of the city, she took the opportunity to change her hair color with the hair stylist famous Gabriel Samra.

Bazán, who in recent months had worn her light brown hair, decided to go back to being blonde and very blonde!

"I knew this man more than 15 years ago, we were children," the actress wrote at the foot of a photo with the stylist who published on her Instagram account. “It is an example that based on perseverance and hard work, goals and dreams are fulfilled. Today for the first time, his magical hands transformed my hair. I wish you much more success baby”.

Elissa and Alexa's mom rinsed the base of her hair and also made platinum lights. The truth is that Bazán looks incredible with this new look and his followers did not stop filling her with flattery. But, with this new look, is it that she looks like Irina Baeva?

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