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Kim Kardashian Criticizes For Covering Burn With Product

Kim Kardashian Criticizes For Covering Burn With Product
Kim Kardashian Criticizes For Covering Burn With Product

Video: Kim Kardashian Criticizes For Covering Burn With Product

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There is no way that Kim Kardashian is not on everyone's lips. Whether it is for a super sexy photo, for a new product that he is launching or some gossip or problem that involves his family, the most famous of the Kardashians is always on everyone's lips, especially his more than 100 million followers who do not stop both to flatter her or to criticize her as happened with an interesting video that she published on her Instagram page.

It turns out that the businesswoman showed how her new body makeup product helped her cover her irritated and burned skin after she was exposed to the sun for a tan. Kardashian recorded the moment the body base was applied to her cleavage, which immediately disappeared the redness of her skin.

"Sunburn, ug. This has not happened to me in many years,”wrote the businesswoman at the foot of the video. Luckily I had my body makeup with me.”

Many of its fans applauded the way the product completely covered the burn, restoring the skin to an even, healthy tone.

However, many began to criticize her for according to them taking advantage of even the most delicate situations to sell a product. In fact, some claimed that the skin had been left to burn on purpose. "A little aloe vera would be nice," wrote one of the users. While another said, “How embarrassing. Girl you do whatever it takes to promote the crap you sell."

For his part, Kardashian ignored the comments and did not reply to any of them. By now you are probably already used to attacks.

Although the product seems to work wonders, the recommended thing in these cases is to treat the burn with creams that help it disappear or alleviate the discomfort, but do not use makeup. And if it is a stronger burn, it is advisable to go to a specialist doctor.

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