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Campaign Against Domestic Violence In Russia

Campaign Against Domestic Violence In Russia
Campaign Against Domestic Violence In Russia

Video: Campaign Against Domestic Violence In Russia

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Video: Understanding the Problem of Domestic Violence in Russia 2023, January

In order to demand that the Russian government push a law against domestic violence, thousands of women from that country are carrying out an impressive campaign on their social networks. The women are posting selfies with their faces covered in fake blood and bruises in an effort to prevent cases of abuse by their partners from stopping.

Alena Popova and Alexandra Mitroshina are the organizers of this movement and invited all the women to make up their faces with cuts and bruises on their faces to share them using the hashtag "I didn't want to die".

“Recently, another victim of domestic violence died. Oksana Sadykovu was beaten by her husband, "explained Mitroshina on her Instagram account. "She wrote a statement about the beatings he gave her and filed for divorce. The police did nothing, released her husband, detained her at the entrance and killed her in front of her eight-year-old son. Three minor children were left without a mother.”

He accompanied the message with his selfie showing the beaten face.

"Oksana would be alive now, if we had a law on domestic violence," she warned. "After the beatings and the attempted strangulation, her husband should not have been released or Oksana should have been protected by a restraining order."

According to Human Rights Watch, in this country, such action is not considered a crime and there are no restraining orders for the aggressors; In addition, in 2017, the government decriminalized some forms of domestic violence, arguing to protect the right of parents to discipline their children and reduce the state's ability to interfere in family life.

Activists claim that these actions have left women completely vulnerable and urge actions to protect them.

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