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They Assure That Ricardo Rosselló Will Resign

They Assure That Ricardo Rosselló Will Resign
They Assure That Ricardo Rosselló Will Resign

Video: They Assure That Ricardo Rosselló Will Resign

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Video: Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossell will resign Aug. 2 after two weeks of protests 2023, February

After two intense weeks of protests on the streets of Puerto Rico, which have been joined by multiple celebrities from the world of Latino entertainment such as Ricky Martin and Residente, the departure of the island's governor, Ricardo Rosselló, seems imminent.

As reported by the renowned Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Día, through a report on its online site, various sources close to the difficult situation facing Rosselló, assure that the leader will step aside in his work as governor in the coming years. hours.

Ricardo Rosselló
Ricardo Rosselló

After not appearing in public since last July 16, when he assured that he would not leave his post, the governor broke the silence in a commented interview with the journalist Shepard Smit of the Fox News chain and in which Rosselló did not do very well. not being able to answer some of the most incisive questions from the renowned communicator.

Even President Donald Trump himself has criticized Rosselló's work at the head of the island, also making clear his nonconformity with the leadership of Puerto Rico and the way in which the budget granted has been used.

Information added by El Nuevo Día ensures that, if Rosselló's resignation occurs, the person who would take his place would be the secretary of justice of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vázquez Garced. According to the law, who should replace the governor in case of absence is the secretary of state, a position that is currently vacant after the recent resignation of Luis G. Rivera Marín, who was also splashed by the infamous "chat”That unleashed the wave of protests against the island's leadership.

Undoubtedly, it is a moment of great anxiety among the more than three million Puerto Ricans who have seen how the island has not been able to rise from the economic crisis in which it is mired, while at the same time still trying to recover from all the ravages that caused the devastating hurricane Maria in 2017.

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