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Woman Causes Terror On Plane Out Of Jealousy

Woman Causes Terror On Plane Out Of Jealousy
Woman Causes Terror On Plane Out Of Jealousy

Video: Woman Causes Terror On Plane Out Of Jealousy

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What seemed like a smooth and normal American Airlines flight, bound for Miami to Los Angeles, in the United States, became a matter of controversy after a woman started yelling at her boyfriend for looking at another girl. Given this, one of the crew of the plane had to intervene to ask the aggressor to calm down; however, she continued to insult her partner.

"Do you want to try to see other women?" The bride asked the man whom she later called "Memo" in a strong and aggressive tone.

Woman hits boyfriend on plane
Woman hits boyfriend on plane

The flight attendant asked the female to calm down because there was a boy present, to which she replied that she did not care about the "damn boy" and continued to expel the attacked. Even, there were those who asked that they simply lower it; which, was requested by a stewardess.

Things rose in pitch; the enraged woman asked him to "shut his mouth" and lunged at her boyfriend to hit him in the incredulous eyes of the other travelers and the crew. The man rose from his seat and decided to exit the aircraft, guarded by the stewardess. The attacker followed him and hit him hard on the head with an artifact that appeared to be a laptop.

Subsequently, the female agreed to get off, but returned for her bag. One of the pilots intervened and commented that they could "accuse her of assault", to which the enraged girlfriend replied "Whatever" and left the aircraft.

"Before the gate exited Sunday at Miami International Airport, two passengers traveling together were involved in a dispute," American Airlines told The Sun, in a statement. "We thank the American crew who worked quickly to fix the situation."

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