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Heydi Gámez García Burial

Heydi Gámez García Burial
Heydi Gámez García Burial

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The remains of Heydi Gámez García, who committed suicide last week after failing to see his deported father, will be buried Tuesday in Bayside, New York.

Last Thursday the 13-year-old Honduran girl was disconnected from the machines that kept her alive after they were found hanging from a cable in her Long Island home.

The girl's father, Manuel Gámez, had not been able to see his daughter in four years since he was deported from the United States to his native Honduras. The girl lived in the country with her sister Zoila, 21 years old. Both had obtained asylum.

Images of the father lying on the side of his daughter's bed in a hospital in Queens have caused shock. In the photos, the man appears with the electronic shackle that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) gave him in order to remain in the country and visit his dying daughter.

"I loved my daughter with all my heart," the troubled father exclaimed in tears to Univision News. “She is the only reason I wanted to come to this country. To fight for her."

The man was present the moment the hospital staff disconnected his daughter. "I read the Bible to him. I know that she listened to me because her face changed, "said the broken father.

Gámez crossed the border from Mexico 3 times. His last attempt was made on June 1 in the vicinity of the town of Sarita, in Texas, where he was apprehended, according to ICE spokesmen confirmed to CNN.

"She was crying 'Daddy, you're never going to make it. They will always catch you, '”the minor's father explained to the source. "[I told him] daughter: this is the last time I try and God will give me the opportunity. ' But they caught me again. '

According to multiple sources, little Heydi's family made the decision to donate her organs. "Now that my daughter is no longer here, she can at least help others," Gámez exclaimed to Univision. "Hopefully one day I will meet the person who will receive her heart."

Gámez's lawyer assured the chain that they have sent a petition to Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer, as well as to representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortéz to ensure that Gámez can remain in the country.

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