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Larry Hernández Resumes His Career

Larry Hernández Resumes His Career
Larry Hernández Resumes His Career

Video: Larry Hernández Resumes His Career

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After a long and forced rest from the stages due to the accident he suffered while exercising at the end of 2017, Larry Hernández returns to the battle with a special presentation at the 2019 Ballon d'Or Awards.

The singer is more than happy and grateful that he will take up the microphone to delight his fans, as he expressed it on his social networks.

"I am very excited to be able to return to the grand prizes," he wrote alongside the event announcement.

At the Univisión event, Hernández will be accompanied by the controversial Frida Sofía, daughter of rocker Alejandra Guzmán, who served as a model in one of the videos of the Mexican regional music interpreter. Apparently, Frida has a surprise that will leave unbelievers changing her mind.

Larry hernandez
Larry hernandez

For his part, Hernández resumes his passion, since for medical reasons, where he had to undergo a facial reconstruction, he had left the stage.

The singer also shared that he will soon return to Mexico, after almost four years of absence after having pleaded guilty to the peace alteration charge and received 36 months of probation.

Hernández has met all the requirements dictated by the South Carolina court, where he was tried, so he can now resume his travel schedule.

The interpreter has confessed that he has taken this forced time off to reflect and spend more time with his family. All the details have been documented and exposed in his reality show "Larrymania", which will soon premiere a new season.

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