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Kim Kardashian To Change Name Of Sash Line Due To Controversy

Kim Kardashian To Change Name Of Sash Line Due To Controversy
Kim Kardashian To Change Name Of Sash Line Due To Controversy

Video: Kim Kardashian To Change Name Of Sash Line Due To Controversy

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Video: Kim Kardashian Changes Kimono To Skims After Backlash | Season 17 | Keeping Up With The Kardashians 2023, January

As we announced a few days ago, Kim Kardashian is preparing to launch a line of girdles, which she named Kimono. The idea of ​​the girdles, especially the models, caused a sensation among its more than 100 million followers. And it is that what we have been able to see, the pieces are very convenient for girls who wear tight clothes and for those who want to wear certain styles while wearing a sash that stylizes them, just as Jennifer López and Beyoncé do. This is all very well and the truth is that many girls are waiting for the collection to hit the market. However, like everything the Kardashian / Jenner do, this new adventure came with great controversy.

It turns out that Kimono, the name he chose for the collection, displeased many others, especially his Asian followers, who were offended that the businesswoman used a name that belongs to the famous Japanese garment. In fact, they accused her of cultural appropriation.

There were so many negative comments and attacks that Kardashian began to receive on his social networks that he had no choice but to make a drastic decision.

“Being an entrepreneur and my own boss has been one of the most rewarding challenges I've ever had in my life. What has made it possible for me, is the direct communication that I have with my fans and my public,”he wrote in a post that the businesswoman published on her Instagram page, where she announces the decision she made regarding her new collection. “I appreciate the passion and the variety of opinions that they send me. When I announced the name of my girdle line, I did so with the best of intentions. I'm going to launch my collection under another name. I will be in touch with you soon. Thank you for your understanding and your continued support.”

In fact, the businesswoman even deleted the Instagram page that she had opened for the brand and which had more than 100.00 followers.

Aunque no sabemos cuando saldrá al mercado la nueva colección de Kardashian, lo que sí sabemos es que no llevará el nombre Kimono. ¿Qué nombre debería ponerle?

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