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Change The Name Of The Kobe Bryant Foundation

Change The Name Of The Kobe Bryant Foundation
Change The Name Of The Kobe Bryant Foundation

Video: Change The Name Of The Kobe Bryant Foundation

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Video: Vanessa Bryant Changes Kobe Bryant Foundation Name To Honor Gianna 2023, January

Almost three weeks after the death of basketball player Kobe Bryant, his widow Vanessa Bryant seems to be rejoining little by little in the projects led by the athlete.

On Thursday afternoon, the mother of three little ones appeared again on their social networks with an ad that has been applauded by the followers and fans of the former Lakers player: the Mamba Sports Foundation that was founded by her husband will now be called Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation in his honor and that of his daughter, Gianna, who died in a plane crash on January 26.

“Because there is no # 24 without # 2, we have updated the Fundación Deportiva Mamba so that it is now called Fundación Deportiva Mamba & Mambacita. Our mission remains the same - and stronger than ever - to provide opportunities for young people through sports,”Vanessa explained on her Instagram account.

Today Bryant's widow also thanked her for the support she received through social media after the tragedy.

"Thank you all for so much support and your kind donations," he wrote. "We hope to empower young athletes in a world that [Kobe and Gianna] left us."

The organization, in addition to the new name, also has a new logo and aims to provide the necessary help to help the emotional and physical development of young people in less fortunate communities.

Father and daughter died in a plane crash along with seven other people who were traveling in a helicopter over a mountainous area of ​​Los Angeles. A public service to fire the athlete and his daughter is scheduled for February 24 at the Staples Center in that city where the athlete played with the Lakers team for 20 years.

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