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Video Of Disabled Young Man Goes Viral

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Video Of Disabled Young Man Goes Viral
Video Of Disabled Young Man Goes Viral

Video: Video Of Disabled Young Man Goes Viral

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Video: Disabled guy gets to fulfill his dream to ride inside a Lamborghini! 2023, February

The video of a young man with an intellectual disability with the moving reaction after receiving his first job, has gone viral, after his mother published it on his social networks.

In the video, the 18-year-old, identified as Raymundo, expresses his mother his happiness at having achieved the job he dreamed of so much in a chain of cinemas in Mexico.

"Mom, I'm very happy because they hired me," says the young man on the recording, before adding with tears. "It went very well [in the interview], I am very excited and if I want to work and contribute at home."

According to the Mexican press, his mother Karina Garza, had published a long time ago the desire to see her son performed as a professional, after having graduated from a program for people with special needs from the University of Monterrey.

“My dream is not that my son finishes a university degree and has graduate degrees, that he undertakes or that he makes me a grandmother. My goal is for my son to be self-sufficient. That is self-contained and functional. This is the real challenge for parents with a disabled child, "Garza wrote on his social networks.

The mother assured that in her country there are no means for young people with disabilities to perform certain functions, so she is proud that the company with which her son dreamed of working has given her the opportunity.

“Raymundo feels part of something today. He knows that there is a great group of people like him, who fight daily to get ahead and that there is a future if society does its part,”he pointed out in his publication.

Congratulations Raymnudo!

Isis Sauceda

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