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Kim Kardashian Girdle Line

Kim Kardashian Girdle Line
Kim Kardashian Girdle Line

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When you think that the Kardashian sisters have already made and sold everything, it is when you are surprised to see that one of them is ready to continue getting richer. And of course the pioneer in this is Kim Kardashian, the most famous in the family, who has become a money machine and the truth is that everything she launches is sold as hot bread. Socialite has embarked on various businesses over the years and all have been extremely successful. Now Kardashian deviated a bit from the beauty world to launch her new line, which she named Kimono.

The businesswoman has just announced on her social networks the launch of a line of belts, a project she has been working on for the last year.

“Finally I can share with you this project that I have been working on for the last year. I have been passionate about this for about 15 years,”she wrote along with some photos of her new line that she posted on her Instagram. "Kimono is my interpretation of the girdles and a solution for women who really works."

As we know, there are many celebrities who resort to this type of girdles to wear under their tight dresses and Kardashian has always been one of them.

Her idea to launch this brand is due to the need that she herself has had. And it is that, according to her own words, on many occasions she had to cut or accommodate a girdle to be able to put it on without it being noticed. The collection features underpants in different types of nude and black, as well as other jumpsuits and an interesting style of shorts.

"I always cut my girdles to make my own style and there have also been many times when I couldn't find it to be almost like my skin, so we needed a solution for that," he wrote. “The third photo is the Solution Short. I developed this style for all those times that I've wanted to wear a dress or skirt with an opening and still needed something to shape me.”

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