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Arizona Tourist Died In The Dominican Republic

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Arizona Tourist Died In The Dominican Republic
Arizona Tourist Died In The Dominican Republic

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Video: 3 Americans die at same Dominican Republic hotel 2023, January

The series of mysterious deaths of North American tourists in the Dominican Republic continues to grow. This weekend reports emerged that an Arizona tourist and his wife became seriously ill while visiting Punta Cana, causing the death of the man who had a "green foam in his mouth" when he died, according to his son, who now demands answers.

Mark Hurlbut Jr., said that his father Mark Hurlbut Sr., 62, and his mother traveled to that town last June. "This came out of nowhere," said the young man to the AZCentral.com site in Arizona. "She woke up and he didn't. [My mother] told me that when she found it, something green was coming out of her mouth."

Hurlbut Jr., assures that before traveling his father was in good health and that when he began to hear reports of mysterious deaths in hotels in Punta Cana and La Romana, he began to be alarmed. "Knowing then what I know now, I would have fought tooth and nail to request that they send their remains back here and request an autopsy," he regrets.

At the time of death, Dominican authorities determined that Hurlbut Sr.'s death was due to cardiac arrest and respiratory problems, but the family insists that the man was fine before traveling. "This was not something that any of us expected to happen," Hurlbut Jr. explained to CBS News.

This week the son of Lesley Cox, a New York-based radiologist, revealed that his mother died suddenly while on vacation in Punta Cana:

This would become one of at least 11 deaths of tourists from the United States that occur in that nation since the summer of 2018. The deaths are also added the reports of a woman who claims to have been savagely beaten in a resort in Punta Cana and the health crisis experienced this week 47 people became seriously ill during their stay at the Hotel Riu Palace Macao where they were witnessing a Jimmy Bufftett concert.

According to sources in 2018, about 2.3 million North American tourists visited the Dominican Republic, this means 50 percent of the tourism that reaches the nation annually. Given the increasing reports of anomalies, the State Department has taken action on the matter and is already investigating the death of at least six tourists who died there.

"This is very strange," Reynold A. Panettieri Jr. told People. The toxicology doctor is affiliated with Rutgers University and when speaking about the deaths, he assures: "Healthy people don't just die like that … something is definitely wrong."

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