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Mother Demands Explanation Of Her Son's Blows

Mother Demands Explanation Of Her Son's Blows
Mother Demands Explanation Of Her Son's Blows

Video: Mother Demands Explanation Of Her Son's Blows

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A Pennsylvania mother demands that someone take responsibility for the blows to her 7-year-old son, who suffers from Down syndrome.

Elizabeth Aguero, 52, says that her little Michael Perrin, was traveling on the school bus where he suffered an apparent fall that left him with a bloody face and a black eye.

According to the dismayed mother, Michael would have been on the bus for about 45 minutes, when school authorities called her to come pick him up, according to PEOPLE reports.

"They told me that an incident had occurred and that my son was bleeding," Aguero told the magazine. "[That] needed to arrive immediately and [asked] 'shall we call an ambulance?' It is difficult to describe it. It was horrible. It was difficult to see my little boy covered in blood.”

Michael Perrin
Michael Perrin

Aguero commented that the little boy was crying when he came for him and that two nurses present did not know how to give details of the incident, merely saying that "he fell off the bus when he was going to school this morning."

The mother took the boy to a nearby hospital, where doctors determined that he suffered two fractures to his face, as well as a blow to the eye.

"No one wants to see their son hurt. There is no reason for my son to have fallen headlong,”said the crying mother. "It's hard. They say they don't know exactly what happened. The school does not allow me to watch [the surveillance video].”

As a result, Aguero filed a police report in order to obtain more details about the incident.

For their part, the school authorities did not respond to PEOPLE's request for an interview.

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