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Death Of 3 Tourists In A Hotel In La Romana: The Mystery Grows

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Death Of 3 Tourists In A Hotel In La Romana: The Mystery Grows
Death Of 3 Tourists In A Hotel In La Romana: The Mystery Grows

Video: Death Of 3 Tourists In A Hotel In La Romana: The Mystery Grows

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The authorities have revealed chilling similarities in the mysterious deaths of 3 North American tourists who died in the past days at the facilities of the luxurious Grand Bahia Principe de La Romana hotel in the Dominican Republic.

The autopsy report reveals that both Miranda Schaup-Werner, 41, of Pennsylvania, and Edward Holmes, 63, and C ynthia Ann Day, 49, and residents of Maryland, died after suffering respiratory failure. Likewise, the three bodies had an enlarged heart, as reported by The Daily Mail.

Additionally, it was confirmed that Schaup-Werner suffered cardiac arrest after suffering respiratory failure. For their part, Holmes and Day - who were engaged in marriage - presented liquid in the lungs.

What caused her sudden and deadly health crisis remains a mystery.

“We don't understand what is happening here. We have many questions,”said a spokesperson for the Schaup-Werner family.

Miranda Schaup-Werner, 41, was visiting the country to celebrate 9 years of marriage:

Miranda Schaup-Werner
Miranda Schaup-Werner

Edward Holmes, 63, and Cynthia Ann Day, 49, and Maryland residents were engaged in marriage:

Edward Nathaniel Holmes and Cynthia Ann Day
Edward Nathaniel Holmes and Cynthia Ann Day

The family of the mother of the family reported her death to the State Department after learning of the death of Holmes and Day. Curiously, the three tourists were registered the same day - May 25 - at the Grand Bahía Príncipe. Schaup-Werner died the next day, and the couple were found dead in their room on the day they were due to leave the hotel, that is, on May 30.

The woman collapsed after taking a drink from the minibar. For her part, the morning Holmes died she had called the hotel doctor complaining that she was not feeling well. According to local authorities, the man refused medical help when staff showed up at his room.

"Why was it that the death of the Maryland couple, so close to the death of Ms. Schaup-Werner, did not lead to an investigation?" The family's spokesperson now asks. "Have there been more deaths?"

For its part, the press conference Francisco Javier García, Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic came out in defense of the local hotel industry. "In the 50 years that the Dominican hotel industry has had, there is not a single case, a single precedent, in which a hotel employee has been involved in the assault on a tourist visiting the Dominican Republic," said in reproduced statements. by the local newspaper Listin Diario.

The conference mainly touched on the case of Tammy Lawrence-Daley, a woman who claims to have been brutally attacked by unknown persons in a Punta Cana hotel. Her version has been questioned by the authorities and it has now been revealed that she apparently asked for millions to the hotel for not revealing what happened. The inquiries continue.

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