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Japanese Man Who Ingested 246 Drug Capsules Dies On Flight

Japanese Man Who Ingested 246 Drug Capsules Dies On Flight
Japanese Man Who Ingested 246 Drug Capsules Dies On Flight

Video: Japanese Man Who Ingested 246 Drug Capsules Dies On Flight

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Video: Japanese man dies in-flight after swallowing 246 cocaine packets 2023, February

Authorities in Mexico confirmed the death of a man of Japanese origin who died on board an Aeroméxico company flight after suffering seizures. After his death, it was verified that the subject was traveling with 246 cocaine capsules inside his stomach and intestines, which caused his brain to become inflamed.

The incident occurred last Friday on board the 787/8 aircraft that had departed from Bogotá, Colombia and that after stopping in Mexico City was heading to Narita airport in Tokyo. According to sources in Mexico, the 42-year-old Japanese national began to experience seizures half-turned, so the staff on board requested that he be diverted to the Hermosillo airport, in the Mexican state of Sonora.

"Autopsy reveals that there were 246 narcotic wrappers on the body of the passenger of Japanese origin, which caused him to die at the Hermosillo airport," it was said in a tweet issued from the official account of the Attorney General's Office of the Sonora State. The passenger was identified as " Udo N ".

This agency published photos of the staff of the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO, for its acronym in Spanish) in the vicinity of General Ignacio Pesqueira airport descending the steps of the plane with the body of the passenger on a stretcher:

A man dies in an Aeromexico airplane
A man dies in an Aeromexico airplane

"When the plane landed on Friday at 02:25 am, paramedics got on board and left Udo N dead," the Ministerial Criminal Investigation Agency explained in an official statement. The investigation has now passed to the federal authorities.

The autopsy determined that the man died of cerebral edema from a hypertensive crisis caused by a cocaine overdose in his body. Inside it were located 246 plastic capsules of 2.5 centimeters in length by 1 centimeter in width and that were lodged in his stomach and intestines.

After the emergency landing and the descent of the passenger body, the 198 passengers traveling on board the aircraft continued their journey to Japan.

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