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Everything You Need To Know About The Laser
Everything You Need To Know About The Laser

Video: Everything You Need To Know About The Laser

Video: Everything You Need To Know About The Laser
Video: How Lasers Work - A Complete Guide 2023, April

The best way to get rid of undesirable facial hairs is to undergo laser treatment, but believe it or not, not everyone is a candidate for it. There are many things to keep in mind before starting the process, and there are also many other things to do after you are already in session. That is why we turned to the knowledge of the dermatologist Sabrina Fabi, who spoke to us about the benefits of this procedure, new advances and the odd fact about this famous treatment.

Doctor, who are not perfect candidates for this treatment? "Patients who have blonde hair are not good candidates for this procedure because the laser does not get to see blonde or gray hair and [therefore] they will not have a good result."

What type of machine is the best to do it?

“Personally, I really like Clear + Brilliant Laser Hair because it gets to treat many areas in less time. The glass that comes with the laser cools the skin to protect it from the heat. In this way, all skin types can be treated.”

Laser, treatment, hairs
Laser, treatment, hairs

What are the cares that a person who is undergoing this procedure should have?

"It should not be treated with wax or tweezers a month before the procedure and should be well protected from the sun so as not to be tanned before the treatment."

Why does it take some people longer to get rid of hair, especially facial hair

"The hairs on the face are controlled by hormonal changes and that is why they sometimes come back faster than the hair on the body."

What should patients know before starting the laser?

"That they will take between 6 and 8 treatments, done every month, before the hair disappears and that they will need to have maintenance treatments every 6 or 12 months depending on the area. They have to do their homework. Many dermatologists list the procedures and machines they use on their websites. Ask questions during a consultation. They can go to Nomorehairmoreyou.com to find a doctor who uses Clear + Brilliant Hair.”

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