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Marjorie And Her Beauty Tips

Marjorie And Her Beauty Tips
Marjorie And Her Beauty Tips

Video: Marjorie And Her Beauty Tips

Video: Marjorie And Her Beauty Tips
Video: Marjorie Harvey's Beauty Secrets 2023, March

From the cover of our June issue with her son Matías Gregorio to the confirmation of his return to television, it seems that these days Marjorie de Sousa is more in demand than ever. It was only a few months ago that she gave birth to her first son when she posed in the photoshoot for the cover "The 50 Most Beautiful", but the Venezuelan did not hesitate to talk about her recovery after childbirth and what beauty means now for her.

Although it is hard to believe now, Marjorie assured us that when she was at school she was an ugly duckling. "For many years I wore gadgets in my mouth, I wore glasses … I still wear them, which I love because it makes me look super sexy, but at the time I felt horrible," she admits.

However, when he reached adolescence and orthodontics was removed, he says that his hair was literally released. “Although I never did much makeup, it seems to me that the natural is attractive. I have never liked combing my hair either, I have always been like this”.

And it is that the actress recognizes that she admires women who transmit naturalness and self-confidence, like Julia Roberts, one of her beauty icons. “I think she is a very natural and very authentic woman. Women should copy that kind of thing, not be looking so much to be perfect because we are not perfect and I think that the beautiful thing is to be the way we are”.

Now 6 months have passed since the birth of the son she has in common with Julián Gil and the actress is wonderful, but she is not afraid to admit how vulnerable she felt when participating in that photo session surrounded by other beauties.

“This is the first photographic work after my belly and I think it is a moment for the super vulnerable woman. Many suffer postpartum depression […] you don't feel at your weight, maybe your face is a little more swollen… [it is that] it takes a year to recover. Maybe people don't see it, but you don't feel comfortable, you feel that way, "he admits.

The 37-year-old actress insisted that, from her point of view, beauty is not just about feeling beautiful or finding the hairstyle that best suits you and she did not want to close the interview without reminding everyone in general and young people in particular that she It really is important to accept yourself as you are.

“The fact that each human being is unique, that must be valued. Sometimes we try to look like someone else, but no! God made us unique, the body is a perfect machine so if you have curves, clap them and hug them because they are the best and if you are very thin, well. I think that prototypes have affected teenagers a lot and we artists must impose the fact that people love each other and value themselves as they are,”he said.

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