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Fanny Lu Shares Her Fashion And Beauty Tips With Us
Fanny Lu Shares Her Fashion And Beauty Tips With Us

Video: Fanny Lu Shares Her Fashion And Beauty Tips With Us

Video: Fanny Lu Shares Her Fashion And Beauty Tips With Us
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Fanny Lu
Fanny Lu

In the midst of creating her next album, produced by Carlos Vives and Andrés Castro, Fanny Lu shares with us her beauty routine, her new style inspired by her native country, and tells us about a plant that she claims is good for everything. Do not miss what the beautiful Colombian singer told us.

How do you define your style right now?

Right now we are in the bohemian chic vibe. I think because of my need to go back to the roots, to touch the earth, feel the air, the water, the fire. All that is very organic. All this I have incorporated not only in production, but also in the video. It's like deep in my soul, the desire not to have so much sequin, so much production, but rather to be a little more natural. I have returned a bit to organic, Colombian, textures, and fibers and I liked that a lot.

What pieces should not be missing in your closet?

I am a lover of shoes. I think a pair of jeans and a T-shirt with a good pair of shoes makes the difference. I really like accessories because it's like decorating yourself. I pay a lot of attention to necklaces, wallets, shoes.

How do you like to dress in your daily life?

Comfortably. That's why I like sandals, loose dresses, that's why I like jeans that I think are timeless and you can wear them with any trend. I really like Converse. I wear so much heel that when it comes to not having to wear them, I like to be comfortable.

What trend would you not use?

[I wouldn't use] lots of transparencies and necklines. Those things that are very sensual that reveal a little more. With all due respect to those who use it but they don't make me feel comfortable.

What are your favorite designers?

Now I am in love with my country more than ever. I am like wanting to use Colombian designers who seem incredible to me. For example Jorge Duque, Andrés Otálora, Johanna Ortiz. I really like Pepa Pombo and I also like Andrea Landa who works with leather and textures. I want my next rug to be accompanied by a Colombian designer.

Fanny lu, fashion and beauty
Fanny lu, fashion and beauty

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Do you have any favorite fragrances?

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf and Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.

How do you take care of your skin?

Once a month I do facials with dermatologists, microdermabrasion and something else called hydrafacial, which is a deep cleansing. Use tonic, moisturizing for eyes, for [lips], for face. All day and night. I take an hour between the bath and the creams I put on my body and face. The protector for me is very important because if I don't get freckled. Minimum use of 50 SPF. I drink a lot of water. Water keeps your skin well moisturized. I also take care of myself with food because that keeps your skin healthy.

Do you have any home beauty secret?

What I like the most is the crystal of the aloe and drink it in orange juice. Putting it on your face is great. Aloe is like a miracle. It works for your stomach too. It is a natural product that you can use for many things. For the hair you mix it with avocado and put it on.

And the hair, how do you take care of it?

I take biotin daily and I feel that helps me a lot. I have Colombian products called H7 and that has helped me a lot to make my hair stronger, to grow strong from the roots. I feel like my hair has been incredibly nourished.

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