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Ninel Conde's Beauty Tips
Ninel Conde's Beauty Tips

Video: Ninel Conde's Beauty Tips

Video: Ninel Conde's Beauty Tips
Video: Conde Tips De Belleza - Tip 5 2023, March

We all agree that Ninel Conde has a heart attack body that would arouse envy in anyone. That is why we are very curious to know how he feeds, the exercises he does and if he has any other beauty secrets that help him stay that way. Luckily, the Mexican singer was more than willing to share her routine and once and for all give us the tools to look just as fabulous as she does.

Ninel, how do you stay so fit?

I am very disciplined. I don't drink, I don't smoke and I try to detoxify my body with organic juices and food that cooks for me. Occasionally I do misbehave but the important thing is not to do it, but to know how to get back on track and continue a discipline.

How is your exercise routine?

I have a coach. I combine weight training, cardiovascular and abdominal exercises. I always exchange routines for best results.

Do you have a homemade recipe to download some extra books?

[I make] a juice of 15 days on an empty stomach. You only need a green apple, flaxseed powder and honey. Blend it and then add chia. It is a natural detoxifier that will make you lose those extra pounds.

You also have radiant skin, how do you take care of it?

It is best to drink hot lemon water on an empty stomach as it helps detoxify your body and makes digestion better.

We know that the girdles you sell are very successful among your fans, how do they work?

The girdles in addition to helping you with your posture, molds your body. It is like a memory that helps you form it. It is part of a discipline. It motivates you, helps you achieve your goals, be it to lose weight, shape your body or improve your posture.

Would you like to expand your company and perhaps create a line of cosmetics?

I am always innovating and luckily it has been amazing. We launched the belt with great success. Then came the line of jeans that was incredible to us [and] the next business adventure will be a line of cosmetics that I will tell you more about very soon.

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